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DR8H-UFKA40 Engine Clarke Allison

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  Engine Clarke Allison DR8H-UFKA40   Transdiesel only offers original products from the manufacturer, so this Engine Clarke DR8H-UFKA40 has the manufacturer's guarantee. The product is presented in the original Allison packaging to ensure your peace of mind.   Allison is the number one manufacturer of automatic gearboxes with torque converters, for trucks, buses, commercial and military vehicles, with 80 percent of the world market. This product can also be found with the reference DR8HUFKA40 Virtually all truck manufacturers use Allison as their only torque converter automatic gearbox option: Astra, Bell, Demag, Euclid-Hitachi, Iveco, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Urovesa, Volvo, etc. Transdiesel SL is the distributor for Spain of Allison Transmission and has been serving the users of its transmissions for over 50 years. If this is not the reference you are looking for, here you can find some similar products: 29563501 Valve Main Regulator or 29551869 Transmission Control Module, A59 If you have any questions regarding the characteristics of this product, please contact our spare parts department. You can review our shipping and return policy.  

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